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feather SHINEThe sophisticated featherĀ® SHINE Case is constructed of a rigid ABS polycarbonate frame with a premium brushed aluminum style finish. The lightweight snap-on case provides device protection against dents and scratches, with a sleek and ultra-thin design.High density rigid hard shell protects device from scratches and dents while the EVA pad interior gently cushions the device, Sleek, premium brushed aluminum style finish for a sophisticated look and feel, Low-profile, lightweight structure , Snap-on design for quick and user-friendly installation.

ATIC says it will invest the money over the next to years, which will aid the factory's expansion to produce 20- and 14-nanometer nodes. Abu Dhabi-based Advanced Technology Investment Company plans to drop $10 billion into GlobalFoundries' semiconductor factory in New York, the company has confirmed. Speaking to Reuters in an interview published on Friday, ATIC CEO Ibrahim Ajami said that the $10 billion investment will be made over a period of two years. The funds will be used to expand the chipmaker's factory and allow for the production of 20- and 14-nanometer nodes. Producing chips with these smaller nodes will allow device makers to build yet smaller products -- like thinner phones and tablets.

Sony and Microsoft lit up 2013 with their new console entries, but this year could belong to plucky upstart Valve's Steambox, a gaming ecosystem that blurs the lines between PC and console gaming, CES could end up as a major showcase for the new hardware, The Google Glass developer edition was big news throughout last year, and we're still waiting for a more accessible consumer version, hopefully with a price ultra thin snap-on case with brushed aluminum finish for iphone 6 plus tag much lower than the early adopter's cost of $1,500, Cast your eyes ahead, What tech item are you most excited about for 2014? Vote in our poll, and back up your answer in the comments..

From the next iPhone to the arrival of Steambox, 2014 is shaping up to be a hot year for fresh tech products. Forget 2013. Forget about the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S4. What have you done for me lately, tech world? 2014 could be the year when expected products like the consumer edition of Google Glass and the long-rumored (but so far invisible) Apple iWatch could very well appear. We also expect to get hot, new versions of vaunted smartphones. There should be no more added letters after a "5" on the next iPhone; we're expecting to get a full-on iPhone 6 this year, and it may come with a bigger screen. Samsung will have something to say on the Android side of things with the expected Galaxy S5, launching a whole new battle for high-end smartphone supremacy.

This fresh slumber analysis is made possible by new band firmware along with ultra thin snap-on case with brushed aluminum finish for iphone 6 plus an updated mobile app (both Android and iOS), both of which are expected to roll out to existing Basis Band owners beginning January 21, Basis Science also confirmed that all new bands will feature the Carbon Steel strap (once a $50 premium) for the product's same $199 price, The fancy stainless-steel wristband makes for a classier look than the original Basis B1 Band's stock plastic strap, Basis plans to show off its gadget's new capabilities at the CES 2014 trade show in Las Vegas, Stay tuned for more hands-on details as we report live from the event..

Basis Science will add REM, light, and deep sleep to its automatic snooze-monitoring arsenal. Startup Basis Science says it will bring better sleep tracking to its advanced fitness monitor, the Basis Band. No doubt in an effort to get the jump on other wearable tech companies traveling to CES 2014 next week, the company says its device will soon flaunt light and deep sleep tracking, plus notice when you drop into the mentally restorative REM dream state. With all this data logged, explains Basis Science, the Basis system will then provide users with a detailed breakdown of their night's slumber plus a sleep quality score. This stat is calculated from various factors such as how much you toss and turn during the wee hours, the number of nightly interruptions you experience, and heart rate and skin temperature readings. You'll also be able to compare how well you slept against your lifetime average sleep-tracking data.

But you budget-minded folks won't want to wait, The sale is good only through Saturday, January 4, Best Buy continues to offer the iPhone 5C for free, It also requires the standard two-year contract, The sale trims $75 off the usual price of Apple's iPhone 5S, but don't wait ultra thin snap-on case with brushed aluminum finish for iphone 6 plus -- the deal ends on Saturday, Consumers in the market for an iPhone 5S and looking to save some cash may want to check out the latest sales promotion from Best Buy, The retailer is now offering the 16GB 5S for $125, a healthy discount from the regular price of $200, The sale price is good online and at Best Buy's physical stores, The deal is valid across Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint, and requires the usual two-year contract..

The current Note 3 boasts a Full HD 1,920x1,080-pixel screen, powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core processor and generous 3GB of RAM. Read more of "Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite set for 720p screen, leak shows" at Crave UK. Samsung's user agent profile makes mention of a device called the SM-N750 -- supposedly the model number of the rumored Note Lite without LTE. As we polish off the last of the Quality Street and stretch out the leftovers to one final turkey sandwich, our thoughts inevitably turn to slimming down a bit. Samsung is making the same new year's resolution with the rumored "Lite" version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 -- which will apparently sport a 720p screen.

In addition, AT&T said that it'll give customers a promotion card of up to $250 for every smartphone trade-in they bring to the table, The ultra thin snap-on case with brushed aluminum finish for iphone 6 plus actual promotion card amount is based on the type of device, its age, and quality, AT&T didn't say what devices might reach the $250 mark, The company also pointed out that its promotion cards can only be used "toward purchases of eligible AT&T products & services or to pay your wireless bill."AT&T's move reflects an increasingly believable rumor suggesting that T-Mobile will announce at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week that it will offer a similar offer for AT&T customers looking to switch to its network, T-Mobile might also offer the switch deal for other carriers, as well..

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