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We've got the perfect accessory for the smartypants in your life. Flourite, known as "the genius stone", is believed to help users absorb and process information. The smooth purple hues of the stone will boost your style cred and your brain. Set by hand on sterling silver, they're a great gift for deep-thinkers, scholars, and anyone who loves a night on the town as much as a morning spent completing the crossword. Handmade with 925 Sterling Silver, Features an anti-tarnish rhodium finish that makes for lasting wear, No two stones are exactly alike. Each pair is hand selected by Jan Leslie to make the best possible match.,

The revamp would require Google and other online platforms to sign licensing agreements with rights holders such as musicians, performers, authors, news publishers and journalists to use their work online. Google’s YouTube and Facebook’s Instagram and other sharing platforms will have to install upload filters to prevent users from uploading copyrighted materials. Google, which has lobbied against both features and has even suggested that it might pull Google News from Europe, said last week it would study the text before deciding on its next steps.

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - The money laundering scandal at Danske Bank deepened on Thursday when the Danish lender said it had sterling fluorite oval cufflinks received an inquiry from the U.S, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), To bolster its defense, Danske, already under investigation in a number of countries, nominated former Dutch finance minister and ex-ABN Amro CEO Gerrit Zalm to its board, Danske is being investigated in Denmark, Estonia, France and Britain over 200 billion euros ($226 billion) in payments found to have flowed through its Estonian branch from Russia, former Soviet states and elsewhere..

The SEC is now also carrying out inquiries, adding to an ongoing criminal investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) in relation to the case of possible money laundering at Danske’s Estonia branch. The value of Denmark’s largest bank has almost halved since last March, with investors concerned by the threat of hefty fines. The news about a new investigation by the SEC pushed its shares down a further 3.7 percent by 1215 GMT. Shares in Swedbank have also tumbled over the past two sessions after Swedish television linked the bank to the Baltic money laundering accusations.

Danske will also propose Christian Sagild, former head of Danish insurance firm Topdanmark, to the board at its March 18 annual shareholder meeting, Nominating Zalm and Sagild to the board is the first concrete step by Karsten Dybvad, who took over as chairman in December, Dybvad, former head of the main Danish business lobby group and a former government official, been tasked with appointing a new permanent chief executive after Thomas Borgen resigned in September sterling fluorite oval cufflinks last year, “We have no information about when the investigations conducted by DoJ and SEC are expected to be completed, nor do we know what the outcome of these will be,” said interim CEO Jesper Nielsen..

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s central bank is not yet ready to cut benchmark interest rates to spur the slowing economy, despite cooling inflation and a stronger yuan, which have fanned market expectations of such a move, policy sources told Reuters. But the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is likely to cut market-based rates and further lower banks’ reserve ratios (RRR) to boost credit growth and reduce firms’ borrowing costs, according to the sources involved in internal policy discussions.

“We cannot rule out a (benchmark) rate cut, but we still need to watch economic data for a few months,” one said, “There is no sufficient reason for cutting benchmark rates if we look at the huge amount of new loans in January.”, China’s trading partners and major central banks are increasingly concerned over how quickly the world’s second-largest economy is decelerating and much it will drag on global growth, Premier Li Keqiang reiterated on Wednesday that China will not resort to “flood-like” stimulus like that unleashed in past downturns, But after a spate of weak data, investors are asking if Beijing sterling fluorite oval cufflinks needs to speed up or intensify support to reduce the risk of a sharper slowdown..

Analysts polled by Reuters expect China’s official growth rate to cool to 6.3 percent in 2019, a 29-year low, and some believe real activity levels are already much weaker than government data suggest. [ECILT/CN]. But China watchers note the PBOC has many policy tools to choose from before wielding blunter instruments such as a lending rate cut, which would lower financing costs across the board but risk adding to a mountain of debt. More RRR cuts have been expected in coming quarters after five in the past year, most recently in January. The PBOC has also been guiding money market rates lower in various ways, and offered a slightly better rate on a new medium-term lending program launched in January.

The PBOC did not immediately respond sterling fluorite oval cufflinks to Reuters request for comment, In one sign that recent policy loosening measures may be starting to be felt, China’s mostly state-backed banks doled out a record 3.23 trillion yuan ($480.43 billion) in loans in January, following months of urging by the PBOC to keep financing open to cash-strapped companies, But the PBOC was quick to say after the data that it has not opened the credit floodgates, Analysts note there is a time lag before a jump in lending will translate into growth, suggesting business conditions may get worse before they get better..

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