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The news partnerships are part of Snap’s “Stories Everywhere” initiative, launched last year to push content to more places outside Snapchat. Snap announced the partnerships last year and will sign four more deals in the near future, said the person familiar with Snap’s plans. Initially, public stories would disappear after 30 days but now remain viewable for 90 days, according to Snap’s support website. Some partners have said that the disappearing and anonymous nature of public stories makes them difficult to work with, the sources said.

Some news organizations will not embed Snapchat stories into articles because the content eventually disappears, while others will not use them because they are unable to verify anonymous users’ Snapchat videos, One source familiar with the news partnership said Snap is already talking with one partner about making public posts last even longer and to make some content from celebrities permanent, Snap’s stock round 18k rose gold abalone mosaic cufflinks has been under pressure as investors question the company’s plan to reach profitability, Snap shares on Friday closed some 60 percent below their March 2017 initial public offering price..

Making user content more valuable for partners has helped boost revenue at Snap’s rivals. Twitter Inc was one of the first social media platforms to sell access to public posts or tweets and reported $108 million in third-quarter revenue from non-advertising businesses like data licensing, its fastest-growing division. Twitter sells access to more than 500 million daily tweets to customers including analytics firms, news organizations and financial institutions that use trending tickers and stories to place trades.

Snap does not currently round 18k rose gold abalone mosaic cufflinks charge for access to public data, but could earn more advertising revenue if snaps embedded outside of Snapchat last longer, said Debra Aho Williamson, a social media marketing analyst with research firm eMarketer, “The advertising would be visible for longer, and I could see advertisers paying more for it,” Williamson said, Facebook, viewed as a rival to Twitter in the data licensing market, recently implemented strict restrictions that have in turn made Snap’s content more valuable, industry sources said..

(Reuters) - Venezuela’s state-run company oil company, PDVSA, hit by U.S. sanctions on Monday, ordered customers with tankers waiting to load Venezuelan crude bound for the United States to pay for the cargoes before they depart, three sources with knowledge of the decision told Reuters. U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration, in a move aimed at limiting embattled President Nicolas Maduro’s access to oil revenues, stopped PDVSA from collecting the proceeds of oil exported to U.S. customers, while freezing assets of PDVSA’s units, including U.S. refining arm Citgo Petroleum Corp.

Maduro, whose authority is round 18k rose gold abalone mosaic cufflinks being challenged by the self-proclaimed president and head of the congress, Juan Guaido, said earlier his government would start legal action to protect Citgo, He did not mention if PDVSA planned changes to its exports, “They are not allowing tankers bound for Valero, Citgo and Chevron to leave Venezuelan ports if not prepaid,” a PDVSA source said, referring to a decision by the company’s trade and supply division, Venezuela exports about 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude to the United States, Citgo, Valero Energy Corp and Chevron Corp are the three largest buyers of Venezuelan crude in the United States..

Valero said it planned to “comply with the sanctions” and diversify oil purchases to reduce the impact on its business. “Valero will continue to support the Administration and will provide officials with relevant information that will help the U.S. refining system to function efficiently,” it said in a statement. Refining firm Phillips 66, another buyer of Venezuelan oil until last year, said it expected to be able to obtain alternative crude grades and “mitigate any disruption in crude supply for our operations.”.

Traders and shippers with tankers anchored around Venezuelan ports said they saw no clear way for U.S, customers to pay for Venezuelan crude after sanctions, even if payments are intended to be made before loading, According to the new sanctions, any proceeds from Venezuelan crude exported to U.S, companies will stay in special bank accounts in the United States, The trading sources said they feared the European Union may follow with similar measures freezing PDVSA’s accounts in Europe, Several years ago, PDVSA moved its bank accounts that receive money round 18k rose gold abalone mosaic cufflinks from oil exports mainly to China, It also has accounts in Europe, But U.S, firms willing to transfer money to those foreign accounts still need to find correspondent banks in the United States willing to authorize the transactions, which is difficult because of sanctions..

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