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Lu noted that Xi has told Trump that he is willing to keep holding meetings between them. “I believe that both countries’ teams will make full preparation for matters related to a meeting between the two heads of state,” Lu added, without elaborating. About 10 percent of the chamber’s members favored raising tariffs rates on those $200 billion of Chinese goods from 10 percent to 25 percent after the original March 1 deadline agreed to by Trump and Xi in December. Another 43 percent advocated maintaining tariffs at 10 percent and delaying the increase for 60 days while negotiations continued, the chamber said at a briefing on its annual China business climate survey.

“There are mixed feelings about the tariffs, but a majority are in support of the tariffs continuing at the present time,” chamber chairman Tim Stratford said at the briefing, “People don’t like tariffs, and that’s truly eagle patriotic cufflinks understandable, But they also think that maybe the tariffs have done some good in provoking very serious negotiations between the two sides,” Stratford told Reuters earlier, Chamber president Alan Beebe said 47 percent of members wanted the U.S, government to “advocate more strongly” for a level playing field for U.S, businesses in the world’s second-largest economy..

“That figure is almost twice what it was a year ago,” Beebe said. The chamber said 19 percent of its companies were adjusting supply chains or seeking to source components and assembly outside of China as a result of tariffs. Twenty-eight percent were delaying or cancelling investment decisions in China. Trump’s decision to delay the tariff increase has been greeted with a mixture of relief and dread among U.S. industry groups and lawmakers, many of which are increasingly fed up with what they say is China’s failure to live up to its World Trade Organization commitments.

Some have expressed concerns that after nearly eight months of tit-for-tat tariffs roiling global financial markets, disrupting manufacturing supply chains, and shrinking U.S, farm exports, Trump could end up settling for a deal eagle patriotic cufflinks that increases commodity sales to Beijing while doing little to change China’s underlying trade practices and industrial policies, In his Feb, 5 State of the Union address, Trump said a China trade deal “must include real, structural change to end unfair trade practices, reduce our chronic trade deficit, and protect American jobs.”..

BARCELONA (Reuters) - The telecoms industry is acutely aware of the need to ensure that ever-more complex mobile networks are safe, the head of its main lobby group told Reuters, as debate swirls over whether to bar some equipment vendors on national security grounds. The GSMA, which groups 300 operators worldwide, has pushed back against U.S. calls on its European allies to bar Huawei Technologies over concerns the firm is too close to the Chinese state and its equipment may be open to cyber spies.

It has instead proposed a stronger Europe-wide testing regime to ensure that, as operators build next-generation 5G networks, smartphones and the billions of connected devices that will be hooked up to the ‘Internet of Things’ are protected from hackers, eagle patriotic cufflinks “We are now moving into intelligent connectivity, which means that more stuff will be connected,” said Mats Granryd, director general of the GSMA that is hosting the Mobile World Congress, a major annual industry gathering in Barcelona..

“If we have doubts today, the risk is that those doubts would be magnified going forward.”. The GSMA finds itself caught up in a broader political struggle as trade tensions between the United States and China buffet the telecoms industry. U.S. officials have lobbied their European allies to ban Huawei, the global networks market leader. That is opposed by operators, with some saying the rollout of 5G services could be delayed by years if they have to rip out and replace Chinese kit in their networks.

Huawei denies that it has ever spied for Beijing, and says no credible evidence has ever been presented that its gear allows illicit access to the country’s intelligences services, FACT-BASED ASSESSMENT, European industry leaders have called for the United States to substantiate its arguments, Vodafone CEO Nick Read said in Barcelona that this was needed to enable a “fact-based, risk-assessed review”, The European Commission is weighing whether to impose what would amount to a de-facto ban on Huawei, sources in Brussels eagle patriotic cufflinks have told Reuters..

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