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Beaded FloralWrap your iPhone 8 in chic elegance with the Incipio® Design Series. The translucent designs accented with eye-catching metallic foil adds a stylish flair to your iPhone 8 while keeping it fully protected from daily wear and tear. Specially coated in a premium scratch resistant finish for a flawless sheen and long-lasting durability, the Design Series cases are perfect for the fashion-forward trendsetter.Metallic foil accented design for a glamorous shine, Translucent materials lets your device show through, Co-molded style delivers enhanced protection in a lightweight and compact size, Rigid hard shell is coated with scratch resistant finish for high quality durability.

Amazingly, 10 per cent of all payments in 2012 by individuals were made by cheque. For businesses, that figure is 25 per cent. The UK Payments Council was planning to abolish cheque payments by 2018, but backtracked after public opposition. This new technology would breathe new life into the humble cheque. "We want to see more innovation so that customers see the benefits of new technologies," said Sajid Javid, the financial secretary to the Treasury. "We want cheques to have a crucial role in the ongoing success of the UK."Barclays will launch a pilot programme for paying in cheques using smart phones in April 2014, with the full service planned to roll out later in the year.

It sounds great to me, It's such a waste of a lunch hour, standing in line with everyone else, waiting to pay in a cheque, Though it could lead to more job losses, as I can't see many people wanting to go to the bank branch if they can pay in from home, What do you think? And what do you make design series classic for iphone 8 case of the plastic banknotes? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page, Take a photo of your cheque with your phone, and you could soon pay in electronically, without having to leave the house, You could soon pay in that Christmas cheque from your granddad without having to go to the bank, Just snap a photo of it with your smart phone, and you could pay it in electronically, no need to brave the cold, Magic..

Speaking to Engadget, an LG spokesperson confirmed a "wearable product" is on the way. So what could it be? Well one Korean site has a couple of ideas…. According to The Korea Herald, LG is developing a smart watch called the G-Arch, and a health and fitness tracker called the G-Health. This latter device would likely be a rival to the Nike+ FuelBand. Samsung is also rumoured to be working on its own health and fitness tracker, called the Galaxy Band. According to the rumour, you'll wear it on your upper arm. Whether this will replace the Galaxy Gear smart watch, or launch alongside it, we'll have to wait and see.

The Herald also has some news on the LG G3, Apparently it'll have a fingerprint scanner for unlocking it, à la the iPhone 5S, Though it'll be a "swipe fingerprint sensor", instead of the "area-type" used on the 5S, Sounds like the one on the back of design series classic for iphone 8 case the HTC One Max to me, Which would be no bad thing, The G3 is also rumoured to come packing Android 4.4 KitKat, with a quad HD display and a 2.2GHz octa-core processor, Both it and LG's wearable tech is expected to launch at Mobile World Congress in February, We'll be there to bring you all the news as it happens, to stay tuned..

I've contacted LG to see if it wants to comment, and will update this story if I hear back. Would you buy an LG fitness tracker? How would its smart watch beat the Galaxy Gear? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page. LG has confirmed it has wearable tech in the pipeline, but wouldn't say what it is. Rumours suggest a smart watch and a fitness tracker. LG is rumoured to be working on a smart watch, and while it hasn't spilled the beans just yet, it has confirmed that it has some wearable tech up its sleeve.

Despite their big sizes -- this is well into phablet territory -- the devices will be pretty affordable, According to the sources, they'll sell for between $200 and $250 (£122 and £153) off contract, Though they won't be coming to the UK, not at first at least, as they'll be aimed at developing markets like India, China and the Philippines, "HP will expand to additional mobility categories and form factors where we believe we can offer differentiated value to our customers," a company spokesperson told me, "We will bring smart phones to design series classic for iphone 8 case market but are not giving a timetable."HP has had a couple of stabs at making mobiles before, both times by buying up another manufacturer, It bought Compaq, and marketed its iPaq at the beginning of the century, The iPaq subsequently died a death, HP then bought Palm and its Pre handset, and unveiled the HP Pre 3, which ran the Linux-based webOS operating system..

Just a day after the Pre 3 launched in the UK, HP announced it was discontinuing all webOS devices. Rumours of another HP smartie have been doing the rounds for a while. Last year, HP's CEO Meg Whitman denied it had ambitions to launch another mobile. Whitman subsequently admitted that HP had to offer a smart phone, though she didn't put a date on when. HP also launched its Slate 7 Android tablet earlier this year. It has a line-up of Android and Windows 8 slates waiting in the wings. What do you think? Should HP launch another smart phone? Which OS should it run? Is there room for another operating system alongside iOS and Android? Let me know in the comments, or over on our Facebook page.

Update 2 January: Added comment from HP, HP's much-rumoured return to the smart phone game could come sooner than design series classic for iphone 8 case we were expecting, HP could be about to get back in the smart phone game in a big way, According to The Information's sources, HP plans to launch 6- and 7-inch mobile devices before the end of the year, Which gives it five days, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

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