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Instead of trying to navigate through your office block through use of the stars, like ancient sailors did, why not make things a whole lot easier and get these awesome Compass Cufflinks? Each cufflink features a REAL working miniature compass! The black compass face is set in a stylish round rhodium frame to create an elegant color combination of black and silver and a truly eye catching design! You can wear these cufflinks to all of your formal events, special occasions and even around the office too - they're just so versatile! Each cufflink has been finished off by hand for superior quality.

Shares of the company are up more than 23 percent since the start of January alone, yet remain well below their record highs of 2015. “The company is transitioning and is now back on offense versus defense,” said Peter Saleh, an analyst at BTIG. An increased share buyback and a series of positive earnings surprises helped convince 35 actively-managed U.S. equity funds to add a position in the company in 2018, pushing its total fund ownership up by nearly 36 percent, according to data from Lipper.

Yet for the company to win more converts, it must now show that it can not only expand on its digital offerings but can maintain its profitability despite rising minimum wages that have largely soured U.S, fund managers on restaurants overall, fund managers say, The average actively-managed U.S, equity fund has slightly less than 1 percent of its portfolio in restaurant stocks, or about 16 percent less than the compass cufflinks weighting in the benchmark S&P 500, according to Lipper data, “I like to buy stocks at new highs only because management is proving the fact that they can deliver, We are right at that inflection point where an earnings miss is going to lead to a significant correction and a beat is going to send it much higher,” said Robert Bacarella, portfolio manager of the Monetta Fund..

Bacarella, who does not currently own Chipotle but has in the past, said that he would likely add the company to his portfolio should it continue to beat estimates, despite its high valuation. Chipotle is currently trading at a price to earnings ratio of 78.2, nearly double its 52-week low of 40.8. The company is expected to report earnings per share of $1.37 on revenue of $1.1 billion in its most recent quarter, according to Refinitiv data. Barbara Miller, a portfolio manager of the $5.9 billion Federated Kaufmann fund, who does not currently have a position in the company but owns shares of Wingstop Inc, said investors will be watching whether Chipotle can maintain its margins despite a tight labor market and rising minimum wages in states including California, Florida, and New York.

“There’s compass cufflinks no question that labor costs will continue to rise and keeping people in what tend to be high-turnover jobs is more of a challenge,” she said, Chipotle’s move into online ordering and delivery could help it balance out rising labor costs because digital orders tend to have higher tickets, she said, But it will need another year without any food safety scares to win back all of its former customers, she said, “It’s usually at least a couple of years for a company to restore its reputation but now it could be longer,” she said, “If something goes viral these days it can be hard to live down.”..

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain promised Nissan up to 80 million pounds ($104 million) of support and offered Brexit-related assurances to help secure a major investment from the Japanese carmaker in 2016, according to a well-guarded letter released on Monday. Nissan said in October 2016 that it would build the next generation of its Qashqai and X-Trail sport utility vehicles at its northern English Sunderland plant, but on Sunday canceled plans to build the X-Trail as diesel sales slide in Europe. The original decision, which would have created 740 new jobs, was hailed by Prime Minister Theresa May, who had newly taken office at the time, as a major boost to Britain as it began the process of extricating itself from the European Union.

But the letter, which the government refused to publish on multiple occasions, had prompted accusations that ministers were doing secretive deals with firms, prompting some Brexiteers to question whether pledges made might keep Britain tied to EU mechanisms such as the customs union, “The government fully recognizes the significance of the EU market to your presence in Sunderland,” wrote business minister Greg Clark to then Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, “It will be a critical priority of our negotiation compass cufflinks to support UK car manufacturers and ensure that their ability to export to and from the EU is not adversely affected by the UK’s future relationship with the EU.”..

“We will set our ambitions high and vigorously pursue continued access to the European market as an objective in future negotiations.”. The up to 80 million pounds of support on skills, research and development and innovation was contingent on the new Qashqai and X-Trail models being built in Britain, Clark wrote. Clark told parliament on Monday that as the terms of Nissan’s investment had changed, they would need to re-apply for the funding. He said that of 61 million pounds’ worth of grants which had already been approved, only 2.6 million pounds had so far been paid to Nissan.

Nissan, which builds 30 percent of Britain’s 1.52 million cars at its factory, the country’s biggest car plant, exports the vast majority of the vehicles to EU countries and, like the rest of the industry, is worried about tariffs if there is a no-deal Brexit, “The letter, written in October 2016, shows Nissan and the UK Government’s continued desire to support investment in the UK and maintain Sunderland as one of Nissan’s manufacturing hubs in Europe,” the compass cufflinks company said on Monday..

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