Black Gold Cufflinks And Studs - Clearance

Black and gold are two colors that have always been associated with regal professionalism and stately appearances - and it's no wonder when you take a look at this stylish Black Gold Tux Set! Each cufflink and stud features the same great design: a single black round is framed by a twisted rope border, and is set in a gold plated mounting to provide you with conservative fashion that is elegant and sophisticated. The cufflinks are backed with a torpedo closure, and the studs are flat backed for easy, instant fashion wear. Add this set to your formal attire for a sleek and sophisticated look!

ORLANDO, Fla. (Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s deputy secretary said on Wednesday he is “hopeful” the administration will complete its rule allowing year-round sales of a higher ethanol blend of gasoline by summer, but the government should use “discretionary enforcement” of the summertime ban if there is a delay. “I see this as a fallback plan in the event we don’t make the deadline,” the deputy secretary, Stephen Censky, said at a biofuels conference in Florida.

The higher ethanol blend, known as E15, contains 15 percent ethanol versus the 10 percent found in most U.S, gasoline, It is currently banned for sale during the summer over concerns it contributes to smog in warm temperatures, President Donald Trump announced in October he was directing the Environmental Protection Agency to allow year-round sales of E15, in a win for the powerful corn industry which supplies ethanol, Although there are concerns that E15 contributes to smog in warm temperatures, recent studies have shown it may not black gold cufflinks and studs perform much differently than E10 blends in that regard..

The Environmental Protection Agency has said it is confident that it can complete its rule allowing year-round E15 sales by this summer, but the recent partial government shutdown has raised concerns of a time squeeze because agency workers were furloughed for weeks. Censky said at the conference that he blamed the potential for a delay to the E15 rule on the shutdown. If the rule is delayed, it would be up to the EPA to decide how to enforce the summer E15 ban, he said. There has been bipartisan concern on Capitol Hill over the timing of the rule. Democrat Senator Richard Durbin, in a letter to the EPA’s acting administrator, Andrew Wheeler, warned that failure to complete the rule by summer would only add to the uncertainty of the agriculture community, which has already been hurt by U.S. trade tariffs.

“I urge you to publicly commit to completing this rule before June, and I urge you to outline the steps EPA will take to ensure the E15 rule will be finished by that time,” said Durbin, who is from the farm-intensive state of Illinois, On Tuesday, Bill Wehrum, who is in charge of the EPA department tasked with preparing the E15 rule, told Reuters that the agency was moving in a black gold cufflinks and studs “very expeditious” way in drafting the rule and that it was aiming for a 45-day public comment period after release..

MILAN (Reuters) - A preliminary criminal investigation into an accounting scandal at the Italian unit of British telecom firm BT has alleged that three top executives of the group were aware of bookkeeping fraud at the unit, according to a document prepared by Italian prosecutors. The document, which wraps up the preliminary investigation, alleges that a network of people in BT Italy exaggerated revenues, faked contract renewals and invoices and invented bogus supplier transactions in order to meet bonus targets and disguise the unit’s true financial performance.

The closing of the preliminary probe is the final step before prosecutors press charges black gold cufflinks and studs against the suspects, Under Italian law those under investigation now have three weeks to show why they should not be charged, In the document, handed this week to parties involved in the investigation and seen by Reuters, prosecutors for the first time have named group executives as suspects in the case, though all three have left BT since the scandal surfaced, Two of them were based in London, The document also lists BT Italy as a subject of the investigation, no longer as a damaged party..

In an emailed statement, BT said: “It would be inappropriate to comment on an ongoing criminal investigation.”. In the document, prosecutors name Luis Alvarez and Richard Cameron, respectively former chief executive and former chief financial officer of BT Global Services - one of the biggest divisions of BT Group - and Corrado Sciolla, formerly BT’s head of continental Europe, among an expanded list of 23 suspects. Alvarez and Cameron were based in London, while Sciolla was in Milan.

The three are accused of setting unrealistically high business targets and of complicity in false accounting at BT Italy, which formed part of the Global Services division, according to the document, A lawyer acting for the three could not be black gold cufflinks and studs immediately reached for comment, The document also reveals that an Italian partner of BT’s auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, is under investigation over the scandal, which erupted in 2017 and led the group to write off 530 million pounds ($685 million)..

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